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About totz

Faceless Totz are 888 cuties with unique styles and personalities. A range of traits and rarity combinations, including body, mandala, and accessories.

Multiple incentives for their adopting parents, including chance for ETH and NFT airdrops. 10% of mint profits to aid a children’s shelter in Thailand. A fund will be created to purchase work to support fellow artists in the NFT community. Many extra surprises, fun promotions, and rewards for our Faceless Family along the way.

From the Artist

Grownups sometimes forget that kids are human, too, and can be quite complicated. They need empathy, respect, and acceptance just like adults.

Faceless Totz represent kids around the world. All have a unique personality, are full of emotions, and possess a complex mind, but they don't always know how to express themselves properly. Some may seem stubborn, others might be labeled naughty, even the most well-behaved might be hiding turmoil underneath. All are trying to make sense of the world and have their own way to express the feelings they have in their mind.

No matter their personality looks, or abilities, all kids need love and respect equally. We hope you can give our Faceless Totz your love and provide them with a good home!

totz's RoadMap

Phase 1
public sale

  • Upon completion of mint:
    • 1 ETH giveaway through holders raffle
    • 10% donated to children’s shelter
    • 10% for Faceless Funds Gallery
    • 5 Faceless Portraits giveaway through holders raffle
    • 1st set of Faceless Totz accessories for holders

Phase 2
community give-back

  • 20% of royalties to Faceless Funds Gallery
  • Continuation of Faceless Universe
  • Additional promotions:
    • Member of the month
    • Random merchandise giveaways
    • Special holder privileges for other Faceless projects
    • Extra surprises to come!

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